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Strawberry 'Cappuccino' (V)


Another recipe that comes from a previous guest of our's - 'J' of the excellent food blog Schlachtplatten.


I've amended her recipe just a little as I preferred it with a sweetish rose wine than her suggested Muscadet, but to view the original, have a look here.


Serves 4

400g of strawberries
80 ml of sweetish rose wine
about 50g icing sugar
vanilla icecream
100ml whipping cream
ground cinnamon


Wash and hull the strawberries; put half of them into a blender with the wine. Blend until smooth, taste and add the icing sugar as necessary.


Whip the cream until stiff.


Slice the rest of the strawberries. Put one large scoop of icecream in each of four individual glasses and divide the sliced strawberries among them. Pour over the strawberry sauce and put a dollop of whipped cream on top of each.


Sprinkle over the cinnamon (this looks neatest if you tap it through a sieve) and serve immediately.


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