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Cranachan (V)


This is a classic Scottish dessert. I always thought it sounded a bit boring - who eats oats for dessert? - but I was blown away when I tried it. So far, everyone to whom I've served it has been highly enthusiastic. You wouldn't usually find chocolate and hazelnuts in a classic cranachan, but I think they make a nice addition.


Serves 4


250ml whipping cream

1 tbsp mascapone

150g raspberries

20g rolled oats

1 tbsp runny honey

1 tbsp whisky

1 tsp brown sugar



5 hazelnuts

a single square of dark chocolate (5-10 g)


Heat the grill to medium. If you are using the hazelnuts, crush them with a pestle and mortar into small pieces. Spread out the oats on a baking sheet and add the hazelnut pieces if using.


Toast the oatmeal and nuts under the grill until lightly browned. This will probably take less than two minutes, and they burn in seconds, so keep your eye on them. Remove from the grill when toasted, pour into a small bowl and add the sugar. If you are using the chocolate, grate it and add it to the mix - it will melt slightly under the residual heat, but this is fine. Set aside one third of the mixture for later.


Select 4 raspberries and set aside for a garnish. Crush the rest of the raspberries into a rough slop.


Beat the cream and mascapone together until stiff. Add the honey and the whisky and fold in lightly - you want to be able to still see streaks of honey in the cream.


Take four small glasses and layer in the cream, followed by the raspberry mixture and a sprinkling of oats. Repeat twice, finish off with a final layer of cream and refrigerate until ready to eat.


Immediately before serving, sprinkle the oat mixture you previously set aside over the cream and top with a raspberry.



Photo by Per Magnus Persson

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