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Classic chocolate truffles

Incredibly easy, and a surefire crowd pleaser. Experiment a little by adding flavourings to the mix - e.g. - orange zest, rum, olive oil, butter chopped nuts, etc. You can leave the mixture to cool and then roll into balls, but I find it quicker, easier and less messy to cut the mixture into cubes instead.


Makes about 25 good size truffles


150ml double cream

300g dark chocolate, grated or chopped into small pieces

a tiny pinch of sea salt

about 1 tbsp cocoa powder for dusting


Line a small square / rectangular tray or plastic container with greaseproof paper. The exact size and shape doesn't matter very much; you are looking for something that the mixture will fill to a depth of about 2cm. If you don't have something of the right size, you can improvise with aluminium foil to make a square shape about 12cm x 12cm.


Warm the cream over a medium heat until just starting to boil. Remove immediately from the flame and gently stir in the chocolate and salt until melted and smooth. Pour into the prepared container and smooth the top. Chill for a few hours until set.


Turn the block of truffle mix out gently onto a chopping board and peel off the paper. Using a sharp knife, cut into little pieces - about 2cm cubes - and toss in cocoa powder. They keep very well in the fridge for a good few days, but remove them from the fridge about 20 minutes before serving, so they are not icy cold.


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