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Summery pasta

After getting off to a very late start, summer has finally arrived in Berlin. The last few days here have been getting steadily hotter and the temperature is expected to peak this weekend at around 38°C.


Hot weather often presents me a bit of a problem in the kitchen. I find I am much less hungry than usual and therefore any food has to be especially tempting to seem appealing. I know many people make do with salads in the summer - and I do not scorn the appeal of a fresh crisp salad during hot weather - but I usually crave carbohydrates at least once a day.


And even the thought of turning on a stove and heating up an already-hot kitchen can make you break into a sweat on a hot day.


These dishes, then, are all simple pasta dishes that revolve around uncooked ingredients that you will just need to roughly chop. The idea is that you do not need to stay in the kitchen whilst the pasta is cooking, giving you enough time to take a quick shower, cool down, and emerge to a dinner that needs only to be tossed together before it is ready to eat.


A lot of people pay a great deal of attention as to what shape of pasta should accompany what sauce. The general rule, I believe, is that thin sauce should go with textured pasta, and thick sauces with smooth pasta. The theory is that a thin sauce would just slip off a smooth pasta, whereas the little notches and crevices in a textured pasta will hold the sauce better. Sometimes this makes sense to me, but at other times the pasta that just feels right (to me) with a particular sauce breaks this rule. And with some sauces, I honestly think it makes little difference and just use whatever I have in the house. The pasta types in the recipes below, therefore, are meant as suggestions only. Feel free to mix and match according to whim.


Linguine with artichokes, parsley and parmesan

Orecchiette with olives and anchovies

Fusilli with tomatoes, basil and prosciutto

Penne with gorgonzola and walnuts

Pappadelle with zucchini and lemon


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