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Official launch

After years of acting as unofficial resident cook for friends, family and friends of friends we have finally decided to go official as the Thyme Supper Club.


The reason? There are several.


Firstly, we have just moved to a new city where we know very few people. We'd love to make some new friends here and hope that people interested in attending a supper-club-style event are likely to be people with whom we have interests in common.


Secondly, we have been thinking for a while about starting a food-related blog with recipes and it seemed sensible to combine this with something else.


Thirdly, however much someone insists they are happy to contribute to the cost of food, it always seems a bit mean to ask your friends to cough up at the end of the night. And even if you do ask, there are always people who don't have any cash and say they'll settle up another time (they rarely do).  So, being official means we can market the service more openly, explain pricing in advance and end up less out of pocket. (We'd love to actually make a small profit, but are not holding our breath...)


Fourthly, the lack of friends in Berlin means we don't have anyone to cook for. This is clearly a tragedy that needs to be rectified and in the absence of people banging on the door demanding food, we will need to go out and look for them. And we need an official presence, along with a website, etc, to convince them to come along.


We hope you like our name and our brand spanking new website. We hope you're convinced to give the experience a try.


If you have any queries as to how the whole thing works, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.


Posted by Caroline on 20 June 2010 | 2 Comments

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