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Berlin Food Info

I have been meaning to write this post for ages!


A while back, I was contacted by Peggy Schatz of Multikulinarisch. She was then launching a new website, berlin-food.info and invited me to be a contributer.


The concept is that food bloggers, food enthusiastics and the like receive registered logins to a shared map of Berlin. They can then add their "culinary treasures" to the map - delis, grocery stores, restaurants, markets, etc. - and the results are viewable by everyone. It's great, because entries are limited enough to be meaningful, and varied enough to represent more than just one person's opinion.



I was wildly enthusiastic and then promptly failed to add any entries of my own (sorry, Peggy). However, I have been using the map quite frequently to find new places and have found it brilliant. Every time I go there I find a new location has been entered that is of interest to me. The latest, which I discovered only yesterday, is a store specialising in olive oil, just up the road from us. How did I not know about this place before?


Anyway, I have finally pulled my finger out and have started adding locations of my own. So if you know of any hidden treasures, do let me know, so I can check them out and add them to Peggy's map.


If you're a food blogger, or similar, with a wealth of knowledge up your sleeve, do get in touch with Peggy to discuss becoming a contributer.



And if you're just interested in finding new places, stop by the website and check it out.


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